Monday, March 25, 2013

Day Twenty-Five which I relate my poor decision Saturday night. I was really craving pizza. I mean really. So I ordered Domino's extra cheese pan crust with a side of stuffed cheesy bread. Oh, it smelled fantastic. It tasted fantastic. And then 10 minutes later I was banging my head against a wall wondering why in the world I had done that. I felt awful!

I have also made some excellent food lately. I've become slightly addicted to Delighted Momma's Three Minute Chocolate Paleo Mug Cake. I made roasted turkey legs with sage (Adam said this was my best yet, which I had to disagree with, but whatever), candied carrot coins, crispy skin salmon, a sauteed spinach salad with dates (I substituted raisins) and pine nuts from Practical Paleo, and Paleo sugar cookies thanks to a blog my mom found for me.

Roasted turkey w/ sage

Candied carrots

Salmon prep

Salmon sauteeing

Finished salmon with a wilted spinach salad with raisins and toasted pine nuts
Paleo sugar cookies, which were actually more like tea cakes, but still delicious!

I'm having knee surgery tomorrow, and working at the library tonight, so I'll be enjoying the leftover crispy skin salmon for dinner tonight.

During my convalescence (in which I have to put weight on my knee tomorrow after surgery, so hopefully it's not too excruciating), I'm going to be enjoying the ham I baked Wednesday night with the Paleo bread that Adam found (thank goodness! I had missed the convenience of sandwiches so much!) and homemade Paleo mayo. I also made sure that I got a lot of fruits and vegetables while I was grocery shopping last week, and I'll head back to the grocery store for more chicken breasts and lemons (it's amazing how fast we go back through lemons).

Any ideas on quick and easy meals that I can prep in advance and have ready to eat without too much time on my feet in the kitchen?

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