Monday, March 11, 2013

I kind of suck as a blogger...

I totally forgot to take a picture of the chicken I made Thursday night for dinner, but it looked just like the picture in the book, I promise!

I used the leftovers to make chicken salad with homemade Paleo mayonnaise (not as hard to make as you'd think if you have a food processor--and if you don't have a food processor, WHY NOT?! GO GET ONE!), and have had it for lunch twice now. Amazing!

Since I last posted, I've also made Moo-less Chocolate Mousse from Practical Paleo and last night, I baked Lemon & Rosemary Salmon from Practical Paleo for dinner tonight. Since I work at the library tonight and won't have much time between jobs, it'll be nice to still have a filling meal that I can just pop in the oven to heat up (with some asparagus with lemon juice and butter to round out the meal).

Yesterday, our youth group had a fundraiser for our mission trip to Jamaica this summer. The fundraiser was a spaghetti dinner, and I sent flourless zucchini brownies with Adam to be my contribution (since I was working at the library and would miss most of the dinner prep and clean-up). Unfortunately, they were so popular that by the time I arrived at the church, they were all gone!

Before I started Paleo, I would snack like crazy once I got home from the library, which was unfortunate because it was mostly on ice cream or popcorn and it was always after 9:00, which is way too close to bedtime to be snacking on anything anyway.

I am still a pro at oversleeping, but I think I can attribute that to my "one more chapter" attitude towards reading in bed instead of diet. "One more chapter" almost always becomes "but I'm just 20 pages from finishing the book" which becomes "hm, I wonder how this next book on my reading list starts." Before I know it, my husband is coming to bed at his regular bedtime of way too late, and I still have my lamp on huddled under the covers with my Nook.

Good news: pretty much everyone I've been in contact with in the last week aside from my husband is "stay home from work" sick and I'm still feeling full strength, so that's hopefully a wonderful side effect from changing the way I eat!

In much worse news, I ask that everyone pray and send good thoughts for Lucille Miller and her family. Lucille is one of my very good friends and is suffering from a host of medical problems, and the most recent is a possible diagnosis of lymphoma (she met with a surgeon this morning to discuss diagnostic options). Her mom was finally released from the hospital after a difficult recovery from shoulder surgery, and her dad was recently admitted for complications from congestive heart failure. Please keep this wonderful family in your prayers--for healing, peace, and comfort.

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