Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, I weighed in this morning, and as expected, I have gained back a few of the pounds I lost in my post-op lack of appetite. It also doesn't help that any time there's chocolate to be had, I'm having it. Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of sangria I've consumed lately...

More importantly, my Mama was in town this last weekend, and we had a smorgasboard of delicious Paleo yumminess (and sangria). Friday night we made turkey spinach meatballs (I know the recipe calls for basil, but whatever) and roasted asparagus.

Saturday for breakfast we had the green apple smoothie that I fell in love with last week. For lunch, we had barbeque at my church's Annual Rummage Sale, and while it may not have been strictly Paleo, it was still delicious! Dinner, we made avocado stuffed burgers and bacon-wrapped sweet potato bites.


For dessert, we tried these donuts, and it was an interesting venture. The donuts themselves kind of fell apart (Mama and I came up with several reasons why, so hopefully my second batch is easier to eat), but the chocolate frosting on top was so good that I finished it off with a spoon and spatula.

Rather like Heather Armstrong over at dooce®, anytime it's avocado season, I snatch up a million of them at the grocery store and put avocado on everything. I tried frying avocado, because what Southern girl wouldn't, and it was rather an epic fail, but tasty. I'm going to have to work on refining my fry technique, because I think it was user error rather than the recipe falling short. Rather than let the rest of the avocado go to waste, I tossed it in nutritional yeast and baked it.

Yesterday for dinner, Adam and I decided on "breakfast for dinner" and I baked maple bacon and made cinnamon apple scrambled eggs--it wasn't pretty, but it was tasty!

I've gone a bit crazy recently pinning delicious-looking Paleo recipes that I just have to try, like the banana chai smoothie and crab cakes on my Paleo Pinterest board, so if you're looking for ideas, hop on over there and make yourself a grocery list!

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